The Landlord Bootcamp
Learn how acquire, rehab, rent and manage a rental portfolio from Brandon & his power team.
Next In-Person Bootcamp
June 11th - 12th 2022
Next At-Home Bootcamps
May 21st & June 25th


  • A Two Day, In-Person, Hands-On Event 
  • You'll learn the basics of investing in rental properties from Brandon himself, along with the professionals he works with including a Real Estate Broker, a Contractor, a Property Manager, a Mortgage Broker, a Property Inspector, and more! 
  • Close Your First Deal! 
  • By the end of this two day in-person session, you will be equipped with the information and understanding you need to complete the purchase of your first investment property. We'll personally help you through the process, to make it easy to understand. Unlike other courses out there - you can actually start the process of your first deal. 
  • Zero Fluff 
  • Get all your pressing questions answered in person by experts who are successfully growing their rental portfolios every single day. 
  • Travel To Central Ohio  
  • You'll need to book your accommodations to Columbus (CMH) and stay in the Chillicothe area, approximately one hour from the Columbus International Airport. We will be covering two lunches and one dinner. 


Can I buy a property with hard money?
How much money do I need for a down payment?
Typically 20%.
Should I get pre-approved before I arrive?
It's highly recommended. We'll have a Zoom call prior to the in-person event to address this process and help you get the prerequisites sorted.
Can I attend the bootcamp from home?
Yes. We also have an online bootcamp that happens two weeks after each in-person bootcamp. The same content will be covered, online as the in-person version of the bootcamp. Online participants will also get the same level of pre and post bootcamp support from our team. 
Can I use my own bank or lender?
Yes, you can use any lender you want.
What help is available after the training is over?
After the live event, we will have a post-event Zoom conference to answer any last minute questions and assist in any way possible, within reason. 

Post-event assistance is available at the discretion of the instructors and concierge and will be provided within reasonable standards. 

We will provide up to two hours of one-on-one phone calls, ongoing email communication, and twice monthly QA zooms. 

We have an "Extended Done-For-You Concierge Service" option that's available at an upgrade, should you require more assistance or prefer a more hands-off approach.
Can I buy a home with 8, 10 or 12% returns?
In todays market that's going to be challenging. The goal of this bootcamp is for you to lean all of the steps involved in buying and managing a rental property. We will do our best to find you homes that meet your investment criteria based on the current market conditions, but can make no guarantees of returns or profitability.
Is now a good time to be buying real estate for rental properties?
No one can predict the future. Prices are on the higher end in most markets now. We believe the sooner you get started with learning a new business, the better off you'll be. But in regards to WHEN is the right time to buy? You'll have to make that judgement call.
Is there any risk?
Yes. All investments have risks and the value of a real estate investment can go up and down, and is entirely unpredictable.
Should I consult my lawyer, accountant or financial advisor?
Can I partner with Brandon after attending a bootcamp?
Brandon is actively involved in each of these live, in person events. That said, there are no claims or promises of partnership in any real estate or business ventures. 

Should you have a proposition for Brandon directly, you can send it to If he's interested, a member from his team will be in contact. 
Will this training allow me to buy a property in my home market or the area of my choice?
Yes! This bootcamp will provide the information and proper steps that go into buying rental properties, regardless of the market. It's applicable to the majority of the markets throughout the USA. That said, we will explain the benefits and process of buying remotely.
Can I bring my spouse?
Yes! We will only help you with the process for one property though. 
After I attend the bootcamp, will I be able to repeat the process on my own?
Yes! If you take good notes, you should definitely be able to buy the next property on your own. If you have questions, we are available both prior to the event, and after. Our goal is to make sure you obtain the information you need to replicate this process for yourself successfully, in nearly any market.
Will Brandon Schlichter be present for the bootcamp?
Yes! Brandon will be present to answer your questions and provide you with his unique perspective with real estate investing. He will share his tips that has made him hugely successful.
How is this bootcamp different from other courses out there?
Other courses are primarily book learning. At the end of the class you have a lot of notes but NO PROPERTY. This training will assist you with every step of the process. We will help you acquire a rental property within approximately 45-60 days. The market you are looking to buy in will have a big impact on the timeline. Additionally, you will be able to learn from Brandon Schlichter and his team. 
Can I use retirement funds from an old 401k to invest in real estate?
Yes. And you can use leverage as well. We will cover this method during the bootcamp.
Do you advise students to buy homes with cash or get a loan?
This is ultimately your decision to make and there are advantages and disadvantages of both. We advise you consult your accountant before making financial decisions.
How can I make sure the tenants don't destroy the house?
It all boils down to proper screening. We will cover the best practices and available options for background checks, and vetting your prospective tenants to eliminate some of the downside commonly experienced with renting to lower income tenants. When done properly, you can avoid a lot of headache and frustration. 
If I am not ready to buy a house now, should I still attend the course?
That's your call. It's great information taught by enthusiastic real estate professionals - the right time to take the course is a decision you'll have to make for yourself.
Can I learn to do AirBNB at this bootcamp?
We'll talk about the basics of short term rentals. You can make the decision for yourself for the type of rental you'd like to manage and tenant you'd like to go after.
If I've never bought a rental property before, is this bootcamp good for me?
Yes. We will teach you all the steps involved in the entire process and help support you along the way.
I want to buy rentals but I don't have time to do the process on my own. Can you help me?
Yes. We can help you with every step and deliver a property with a tenant pre-screened and ready to go! This is a premium service and is not included in the base cost of this bootcamp.
Is it advisable to purchase a property that is out of state or not near my location?
We will teach you how to manage properties from a distance. if you live in an expensive area you may want to consider buying properties in more affordable areas. 
Should I set up an LLC and how much will this cost?
It's usually advisable. We can put you in touch with a lawyer who can assist with this process. This can cost anywhere from $150-300.
What is your refund policy?
No refunds.
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